Digital Marketing Foundations Opens Summer 2021 

Approaching your marketing efforts like a CMO starts with having a solid understanding of digital marketing foundations. 

This four month course takes you through all of the basics so you can develop and implement an effective marketing strategy that isn't reliant on a single method of client acquisition.

If you feel you're spinning your wheels when it comes to marketing your business and are looking to finally have real results, this course is for you.

The Story Behind the Course

When COVID hit, I sat down with all of my coaching clients to have an honest talk about the future of their businesses.

100% of them had clients cancel. 100% of them had clients postpone. 100% of them lost money immediately. 100% of them had no idea how they were going to continue booking clients through the uncertain future.

So I personally did an audit of all their marketing efforts.  I looked at every single marketing channel, every penny spent in advertising over the previous TWO years, and figured out how much time they were personally investing into making their businesses work.

I developed a unique plan for each of them that would build on their strengths, eliminate the areas that were already weak, and set them up with a plan for managing their ad spend so they were only spending in the areas that would continue to work.

Then I left them alone to execute the plan I developed for them.

As a business and marketing coach who was used to hand holding and extra accountability, this was TERRIFYING.

But you know what?

Those who implemented the foundational pieces that I'm sharing in this course not only survived the worst of the pandemic, but they picked up more new inquiries than they had the previous two years during the same time period!

Ready to learn how to implement a holistic, results-driven marketing strategy for your event business?

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